Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi)

Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi) DefinedPolicies that pay for nursing-home care, home-health care, personal or adult day care for aged individuals or with a chronic or disabling condition that require supervision as they may be a danger to themselves or others. These services are usually not covered by traditional health insurance or Medicare

Fowler Financial provides Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi), Education, & Long Term Care Insurance Quotes (Traditional & Asset Based) to individuals, business owners, and employee’s in Venice, Osprey, Englewood, Nokomis, Sarasota, North Port. Charlotte, Desoto Counties, and surrounding areas. 

You may never need extended nursing care. If, God forbid, you did how will it affect your spouse, adult children, family dynamics, & finances?

How will you pay for it? Government, Self-Fund, or Insurance?

Prepare a plan while you are young & healthy enough to have options!

  • 70% of people turning age 65 can expect to use some form of long-term care during their lives.
  • 42% will need care less than 1 year.
  • 65% of care is provided at home (70 – 75% Genworth Experience).
  • 20% will need care longer than 5 years.
  • 80% of care at home is provided by unpaid caregivers! About 65.7 million people in the US (one in four adults) were unpaid family caregivers to an adult or child in 2009. (LongTermCare.gov)
  • Please visit Genworth – Cost of Care!

Medicare Benefits And Long-Term Care Made Easy (Watch Video)

Understanding the elements of a LTCi policy (Watch Video)

Fowler Financial offers a unique Asset Based Long Term Care policy that covers you  should you live, die, or quit.

  • Long Term Care benefits should you LIVE too long.
  • Return of premium if you decide to QUIT.
  • Death benefit to your beneficiaries upon your DEATH.
  • Accepts Qualified IRA/401k/403b funds. 
  • Please watch this Asset Based LTC Testimonial!
  • Contact Fowler Financial before you are disqualified medically or cognitively.

Understanding hybrid LTCi financing products (Watch Video)

Fowler Financial provides Long Term Care Insurance Quotes from the top rated carriers in the country. Our goal is simple: provide the most outstanding customer experience possible to all of our clients – be they right here at home in Venice, Florida or anywhere across the US. In everything we do, our promise is excellence meeting needs and exceeding expectations for each and every client we take on!

Fowler Financial is uniquely positioned to provide education, free consultation. Our staff has Assisted Living Facility management experience and hold administrator certifications!

Long Term Care Insurance Quotes

Is Long Term Care Insurance right for you?

70% of Americans need long-term care at some point in their lives, and unfortunately the costs are staggering. Watch this video (provided by Mutual of Omaha) to learn why so many people are using Long Term  Care Insurance to protect their future independence, their assets, and the legacies they  plan to leave. PS – the best time to buy long-term care is in your 50s – it’s best to secure  coverage while you’re still young and healthy!

Please visit American Association for LTCi for more information!

LTCi information basics on buying (Watch Video)

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Some things you need to know about long-term care:

 You’re probably not covered. 

Many people mistakenly believe they are covered for long-term care, but this  assistance is not typically covered by your health or long-term disability insurance.

Government programs aren’t designed to pay for all your long-term care needs.

Medicare only pays for skilled care, while Medicaid only covers the very poor –  those whose assets are at or below state required levels. These programs often don’t cover care provided in your own home.

Long-term care doesn’t mean nursing home care.

In fact, the majority of people who need long-term care remain in their own home  or in their community. Most long-term care insurance policies will cover people in  all care settings including the home. That’s a significant benefit.

“The kids will take care of me”

Where do they live? Would they move into your lovely home or would you have to  sell your home and live with them? Do they work during the day? Would they have  to quit their job to take care of you? How would their retirement plans be impacted? Are they licensed nurses? Would they be able to give you a bath?  Change your  diaper? Lift your total body weight?  People are living longer … if at some point your children were no longer able to provide your care, who will pay for the nursing home? Or would they help you “spend down  your assets” to qualify for Medicaid in a semi-private room at a facility?

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