Fowler Financial of Venice, Florida

Fowler Financial offers a unique disability insurance policy specifically designed to insure payments agreed between two parties (loans, contracts, & agreements). Tragically, some business owners assign personal disability income insurance to satisfy loan requirements, leaving personal income severely under insured.

Example – New proprietor purchases a business from a retiring proprietor using a ten year note. Should the new proprietor become ill or injured, the policy would pay the benefit to retiring proprietor. This policy can be obtained for a fixed commercial loan.

How would coverage like this impact a commercial loans risk profile?

Disability is one of the leading causes for bankruptcy for small businesses.

A serious problem occurs when a business owner or an employee who is responsible for certain overhead costs becomes disabled. There are two budgets, yet only one income. The family budget is of course addressed with personal disability insurance, but the business budget often times goes unattended. Business Insurance known as Business Overhead Expense is the solution to this additional budget problem.

Business Overhead Expense Insurance = Cash Flow Protection.

70% of Americans WILL need long-term care services at some point in their lives, and unfortunately the costs are staggering. Long Term Care Insurance may be part of the solution. As an advocate for my clients, my goal is to help both families and businesses protect their independence, assets, and freedom of choice. I use a simple approach to customized long term care planning that fits their own individual needs, on a one-on-one or small-group basis, either in person or via screen-sharing (webinars).

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